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Laundry Line

Ahoy, hoy. I've been getting back into the swing of things and have a new series "Laundry Line." I'll be opening my doors August 12, 2023 as part of Equinox's open house to show works both new and old.

With this series, I simply wanted to capture the mundane. Gum prints are great for rather simple images, as it totally elevates the mood to feel like a dream.

So anyhoo, here the Laundry Line will be presented next to the Sprinkler Room (which my studio is, but have yet to give it a better title...).

Leave Me Out to Dry, 2023

Do you remember when the washer broke and it held your clothes hostage for weeks? We finally broke it open and dried your moldy laundry by the fire. With all that effort, your clothes reeked of smoky mildew. For the many months that followed, we’d wash our clothes next door and hang them to dry in the backyard until finally, on a freakish rainy day, the landlord dropped off new appliances near the alley without telling us until hours later.
Now we somehow trust these newer machines despite our past relationship with our ex-washer. But despite convenience outweighing novelty, I still miss hanging our clothes outside like colorful party streamers.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging on the Clothesline, 2023

Do you remember when you lived in the mountains and your roommate refused to go to the laundromat? He’d wash his clothes in the tub and hang them to dry near the neighbor’s house. He’d then go out of town for a week while the rain popped by for a visit and you’d sit outside watching his laundry scatter along the hillside before grumbling and collecting each piece, returning them to the bathtub. When he returned, the sun would appear and he’d hang them back up outside, thus repeating the endless cycle. Eventually he learned to take his wash to his mother’s in the city. Then one day, the sweet little old lady who lived next door appeared with a pair of blue boxers that fell from her roof.

Clothesline, 2023

Do you remember when you were little and your mom hung the wash on the clothesline? Each time she did you would run through the aisles stocked with colorful fabric that reached towards the sky. You once hid inside the rose sheets, only to pop out and spook a crow that landed on the line.Now you look back in nostalgia from your fifth floor apartment and grumble at the thought of giving up your parking space to drive to the laundromat with jean pockets heavy and full of quarters.

Clothesline 1, 2023

Clothesline 2, 2023

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