About Julie

Los Angeles|Seattle.

Julie believes in the healing power of stories and infuses each image with a different narrative, either referencing myths and folklore or crafting her own.

She mainly works in the dark room and handcrafts mixed media pieces using gum bichromate, cyanotype, watercolor, and so forth.

Apr. 2021 | Drawing Room, San Fran, CA: "Exquisite Corpus"

Feb. 2020 | Vermillion, Seattle, WA: "The Heartbreak Science Fair"

Aug. 2019 | Short Story Written for Neon Altar
Apr. 2019 | ArtShareLA: Selected Works
Mar. 2019 | Hive Gallery: "Photoplay"
Feb. 2019 | Interview with VoyageLA
May 2018 | Interview with The Couch Bros Blog (click)

Feb. 2018 | Scratch Deli: "The Heartbreak Science Fair"

Feb. 2016 | The InArtsNW: "The Heartbreak Science Fair"

Jun. 2015 | The InArtsNW: "Trash Monster"

Apr. 2015 | The InArtsNW: "Oddities"

Mar. 2015 | Push/Pull: "Venus Rising"

Jun. 2012 | Pasadena City College: Student Exhibition

Jun. 2008 | Eagle Rock Cultural Center: Selected Works

Jun. 2008 | CAFAM : Selected Works