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About Julie


Los Angeles|Seattle|Everywhere.

My main focus is to bring magic and wonder into my life through stories, art, and play. Static scenes evolve into narratives through imagination. Myths and folklore unfold in overlooked crevices. I'm a firm believer in the healing power of stories infused with a healthy does of imagination. The world is our stage.

I mainly work in the darkroom and handcraft mixed media prints using gum bichromate, cyanotype, watercolor, and such. I also dabble in puppetry, stop motion, doodling, and film photography. 

2022-Present | Resident artist at Equinox Studios, Seattle, WA


Dec. 9 2023 | Equinox, Seattle, WA: "
Very Open House"
Nov. 2023 | El Corazon, Seattle, WA: "The Pancakes and Booze Art Show
Nov. 2023 | Equinox, Seattle, WA: "Artsgiving!
Oct. 2023 | Equinox, Seattle, WA: "Paint the Town Dead
Aug. - Sept. 2023 | Equinox, Seattle, WA: "Very Out in the Open House" Exhibiting "Laundry line"
Dec. 2022 | Equinox, Seattle, WA: "Very Open House"
Apr. 2021 | Drawing Room, San Francisco, CA: "Exquisite Corpus
Feb. 2020 | Vermillion, Seattle, WA: "The Heartbreak Science Fair"

Aug. 2019 | Short Story Written for Neon Altar
Apr. 2019 | ArtShareLA,
Los Angeles, CA: Selected Works
Mar. 2019 | Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA: "Photoplay"
Feb. 2019 | Interview with VoyageLA
May 2018 | Interview with The Couch Bros Blog (click)

Feb. 2018 | Scratch Deli, Seattle, WA: "The Heartbreak Science Fair"

Feb. 2016 | The InArtsNW, Seattle, WA: "The Heartbreak Science Fair"

Jun. 2015 | The InArtsNW, Seattle, WA: "Trash Monster"

Apr. 2015 | The InArtsNW, Seattle, WA: "Oddities"

Mar. 2015 | Push/Pull, Seattle, WA: "Venus Rising"

Jun. 2012 | Pasadena City College, Los Angeles, CA: Student Exhibition

Jun. 2008 | Eagle Rock Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA: Select Works

Jun. 2008 | CAFAM, Los Angeles, CA: Select Works

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