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Alternative Processes

Although I use varying techniques, my main process is gum bichromate over cyanotype. Gum bichromate is a hands-on and tedious process using ammonium or potassium dichromate, gum arabic, and watercolor pigment that is mixed and brushed on top of watercolor paper. Each image consists of one (monochrome) or three (cyan, magenta, and yellow) negatives that are placed individually on top of the dried chemical mixture and then exposed beneath ultraviolet light. Once exposed, the paper is submerged and developed in water and hung to dry. That process continues again and again with each individual color until I’m satisfied - usually about 11 layers. Oftentimes, I’ll do some hand tinting with photo oils or watercolor pencils atop mono- or tri-chromes for some extra flair. Each print takes about a week, produces beautifully unexpected and painterly results, and is a labor of love.

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