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Hand of Paradise

This series is based off of a sketch I did in high school for some surreal art assignment, which I ended up not using.
Lately, I've been going through my "idea bag" and ancient sketchbooks to rework old ideas or atleast bring some of them into fruition. Therefore that sketch turned into a 3 panel series about someone finding that spark in life again.
I've always loved the bird of paradise- such an exotic, alien looking flower bringing wonder to the viewer.

Photoshop and gum bichromate. Poetry by Julie Louise.

"Every single day felt the same
I've walked these streets before.
The signs were all around me, yet 
My eyes only touched the floor...


...And then one day, as fate would bestow,
He appeared and changed my view.
Feelings and wonder revealed themselves-
I saw the world anew....


...Although he is gone, I don't feel sad
For he left with me a gift-
To be in awe wherever I go,
A new perspective shift."

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